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RMC can offer advanced machine fleet monitoring and performance-enhancing results above and beyond just our RMC Direct Service maintenance program.  Our Managed Services program provides customers with compelling value in remote monitoring and management services that deliver PCI compliant efficiency gains that will reduce on-site technician visits and increase machine availability.  In a nutshell, strive for 99% uptime with RMC Managed Services!  Under the program, RMC can identify and proactively address a down machine before branch employees discover and place a service call.  Ideally, we address it before your bank client tries to use the down machine as well!  In addition to performance monitoring, we’ll keep your fleet current on software updates and provide you with compliance reporting.  Customers can access a dashboard that displays your machine fleet status!

Remotely, RMC Managed Services will:

  •  Provide Microsoft Security Patch Updates
  •  Upgrade software, patches, bug fixes
  •  Provide compliance reporting detailing the latest software status
  •  Whitelisting software deployment
  •  Electronic Journal retrieval and storage
  •  Realtime monitoring and incident management
  •  Provide control functions by executing scripts and commands
  •  Troubleshoot terminal resources
  •  Review diagnostics logs
  •  Initiate machine reboots to resolve routine problems
  •  Reduce downtime with less on-site visits
  •  Marketing Campaigns

The extensive remote monitoring boils down to increased machine efficiency and uptime.  RMC as a break/fix maintenance provider will be better informed of real-time issues.  If we can’t improve uptime with a remote repair, our on-site technician visits will be quicker, arriving with relevant parts due to knowledge of the issue prior to arrival.  For safety and security, the RMC Managed Service solution has partnered with a best in class database provider to host our system.  They are SSAE, PCI-DSS and Safe Harbor certified.   Please contact RMC to discuss Managed Services options today!


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