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Branch automation is happening everywhere these days and teller cash recyclers are at the center of it all!  The TCR replaces manual cash counting at the point of the transaction with a high-speed, automated process.  Bank customers have less wait time and your teller can utilize the face-to-face opportunity to sell other products instead of the customer simply watching the teller, head down, counting money.   It typically takes a teller 40 seconds to manually count and re-count a customer’s deposits.  A TCR reduces that time down to 10 seconds as well as allowing a free moment for the teller to ask a question on other product needs.  In addition to improved efficiency with the customer, the branch will see operational benefits from less vault buys and sells throughout the day which typically requires two employees per vault trip.  The TCR is a secure vault similar to the ATM and integrates with the branch network allowing the transactions to instantly show in aggregate cash on hand.  In a manual environment, 4 tellers may have $50,000 of exposed cash but using a TCR will massively reduce cash exposure down to minimal.  The time savings, increased customer satisfaction, and additional product sales leads all generated per TCR really compounds and can materially add to the bottom line over time.  Couple that with the added security of less non-vaulted cash and the TCR is really adding value.

RMC offers TCR options from CIMA. Please reach out to RMC with any questions!

NJ ATM maintenance contracts, CIMA AST 9000


  • AST9000 accepts, authenticates, stores and dispenses banknotes through a conveniently located high capacity input/output / reject slot. Recycling and storage are accomplished via a series of highly configurable cassettes.
  • 5 cash boxes/cassettes, for a capacity of up to a total of 13,600 banknotes for recycling
  • Speed: 10 banknotes per second (deposit and dispense)
  • Real-time cash visibility with appropriate software integration
  • Advanced banknote validation technology complies with regulations of all major global central banks
  • Dimensions (HxWxD) 33.7 x 17.9 x 40.2